Jim Warren’s artwork helps to Imagine a new generation of Woodstock.

Artie Kornfeld, the original co-creator and The Father of Woodstock ‘69 with socially conscious Montreal artist David Kam have joined forces to bring IMAGINE, '2 Days of Love & Music', to Toronto in 2011. A LOVE-IN, designed to inspire peace and to bring back the original ‘Spirit’ of Woodstock ’69, never forgotten but yearned for by all.

“Imagine all the people, living life in peace” words written by John Lennon nearly 40 years and the inspiration for IMAGINE and a desire to create a “SPARK” for massive environmental and social change.

Woodstock in 1969 was a gathering of one generation. IMAGINE using music as a unifying force will bring 4 generations of people together from around the world to create peace, to end poverty and to save our planet.

Jim Warren recently teamed up with Artie Kornfield to help realize the latest Woodstock. It will be the world’s largest music event since the original Woodstock in 1969.

8 IMAGINE guitars will be painted by famous artists from around the world and played during a re-recording of John Lennon's song IMAGINE and signed by the superstar musicians.

The 8 IMAGINE guitars are the spirit guitars, representing themes of love, peace, joy, hope, life, charity, sustainability, compassion, earth, and end poverty, will eventually be auctioned off for charity, after showings in art galleries.

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson is the most recent to sign the guitar

Actor and country icon Kris Kristofferson signs the guitar

Rob Taylor and Beach Boys keyboardist Tim Bonhomme show off Jim’s work

Fame-Wall honorees Bruce Johnston and Mike Love  of The Beach Boys pose with the guitar held by Rob Taylor of Carparelli Guitars