"Keene Sizzles at Feinstein's!"
What do you get when you take a timeless selection of songs, beautiful voice, commanding stage presence, terrific sense of humor, gorgeous blonde and a top notch delivery? Answer: One of the most entertaining cabaret performances in recent memory, courtesy of MISSY KEENE in "AS LONG AS I'M SINGING."
Performing to an enthusiastic and sold out audience at Feinstein's at Loews Regency in NYC, Missy immediately had the audience in the palm of her hand as she opened the show walking through the audience, singing a medley of New York, New York/Lullaby of Broadway/Let Me Entertain You/Don't Rain on my Parade. Backed by the stellar Ken Lundie on piano (and musical direction), John Miller (Bass) & Chris Parker (Drums), the arrangements and musical medleys brought the audience through an emotional and enlightening celebration of music, life and love.
It is rare, even for a veteran performer, to have the confidence to engage the audience with personal stories, feelings and experiences taken from her own personal life. Keene opens her heart and soul to the audience and has the ability to make each member of the audience experience the personal feel as though Missy is singing directly to them. There were many moments when I forgot I was at Feinstein's, forgot I was in NYC and felt as though I was sitting in the comfort of Missy's living room. The musical collaboration of Ken and Missy as well as their spontaneous, appealing rapport and delivery is the magic of Keene's cabaret. She highlights elements of her life story which propels the audience into a place of self reflection.
The joyous ambiance in the room was addicting because you could feel the love and appreciation Missy has for music, singing and performing. In fact, she compares singing to "oxygen" because she "can't live without it." Missy has a natural way to welcome the audience into her own life and family. She shares personal stories of growing up in a musical family, her love for Shirley Temple and the musical Annie.  Missy confesses why she can sing today only because her mother decided to move forward with a risky operation to restore her hearing, as she was born deaf. Missy dedicated the final song Mama/Rock-a Bye Your Baby to her mother. Understandably, many in the audience had tears. 

The show consisted of three memorable acts and three stunning costume changes that moved you through Keene's musical journey and introduced you to other sides of her personality. Can you imagine a cabaret show where in one act the performer is the simple and innocent Doris Day and the next act she is a sassy, sexy cabaret vixen?  Well, Missy Keene was able to conquer and perform both these characters which proved she has some serious acting chops. During her tribute to Doris Day in Act 2, Missy performed some crowd favorites including:  With a Song In My Heart, Secret Love, and a crowd pleaser Que Sera Sera, only to change into a sexy red dress, lay on the piano, flirt with the audience, and sing Miss Celie's Blues and I am Woman.
A show stopping portion of the performance was her medley in Act 3 of NYC/Moon River and the medley of Glory of Love/Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Someone to Watch Over Me when you could hear a pin drop from the gazing audience. Again, these medleys showcase the brilliant musical arrangements and musicianship of Ken Lundie and the band.

Sharing throughout the performance personal stories of her experiences in NYC (ranging from bumping into celebrities and being hit by a taxi), Missy manages to bring the audience in, as though each member is her close friend. Somehow, Missy reminds the audience just how lucky we are to be present in NYC. Again, Keene is able to use her music to remind the audience of her appreciation for life. 
And comedy...the jabber and conversations between the unpredictable Ken Lundie and Missy Keene kept the audience laughing throughout the show. Ken also accompanied Missy with some harmony throughout the show which added to the already wonderful musical variety and unpredictability of the show. 
Throughout the concert, you learned much about Missy's personal life, goals and dreams. She introduced the audience to her husband Dominick, who proudly presented his wife with a very large bouquet of red roses during her set. Once the audience was introduced to Dominick,Missy explained how she had turned her home dining room into a rehearsal studio by moving furniture, paintings, etc. and setting up mics and a piano. She thanked her husband by singing "You gotta give a little" which had the audience on the floor laughing. Again, Keene successfully displayed her appreciation and love for her husband with her own innocent sense of humor. 
Missy Keene’s cabaret is for anyone wishing to enjoy a wonderful evening of music, stories and entertainment. Missy Keene truly knows how to deliver. She performs with such feeling, such emotion and such dynamics in her singing. Yes, she has a beautiful singing voice. You leave the venue feeling positive, up lifted and eager to run home and download these classic tunes. Missy fans will be happy to learn she has her own CD "AS LONG AS I'M SINGING" available for purchase. In fact, there was a very enthusiastic man in the audience who bought 100 CDs. This is true.
"Do you want to hear more?" - yells Lundie to the audience. The answer is: "YES!" 
                                                                         Michael Alden - producer/reviewer